Taller Than Trees

by Sharp Teeth!

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released August 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Sharp Teeth! Norwich

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Track Name: Ambrose
Screaming for help at the entrance to caves set so close to the shore
Yet no one can hear us; the lights are blacked out on the top of the cliff
Now it's getting so cold, the rain starts to fall adding waves to the tide
The crows fly alone, starting to drown out our cries in the storm
Despite all the storms, we'll make our escape on a ship bound for ports
Undiscovered on maps, we're great explorers. Let's make our mark in our history.
If we stay strong, I'm sure we'll survive
with that thought in our heads of houses on horizons
Divided by sea, blended into sky,
Darkened by the clouds that have now formed the storm.
I'm holding on for dear life, hanging on the edge of rocks with my nails dug in deep
I'm shivering with cold, there's desperation in my voice as I'm calling out one last time
Will somebody save me?
I'm filling my lungs with the ocean.
It's gone.
Track Name: Chasm
I've loved and I've lost more times than I care to count.
Trading minutes for hours, making pacts I can't keep.

I'm scared of what I'd find in the draw after seeing in your eyes,
If looks could kill then you wouldn't need the knife
Held so close to my chest in the dark, swaying gently
In tandem with shadows of the trees illuminated by moonlight.

I awoke to see you standing there with the knife over me
"You're not yourself anymore"
When you said to me "meet your maker" while holding that knife
You're not the same anymore.

Create your macabre work of art
With the moon as your spotlight
and the sheets as your canvas
My blood as the paint

You were stood above my chest, lit up by the moonlight, standing over me
The worst was yet to come when you said to me "meet your maker" while holding that knife
You're not the same anymore.

Our love is a chasm and I'm forever falling.
Track Name: Keys
I have the keys to unlock doors
And prophesize the coming
of kings and queens taking captives, trading lives for plunder
Turning captors into rich men

My eyes are blinded by a bright light
Contrasting with the ambience of a dark room
A doorway to another world

We'll start as we mean to go on
Despite our premonitions
Of what's in store for us

I'll guard the door
Protect my people from harm
Whatever it takes
Until I die

Unlock the door
This key has become a burden
I cannot hold back the tide

I hold the key to your freedom
I can relieve you of the burden
It's over, we're out of time
Just save yourself

We're fighting futures, a brand new world in our hands
Snatched away from our grasp
By kings and queens, holding all the keys.
Track Name: Searchlights
Call off the search it's getting dark
We'll search for one more day
The outlook's bleak but still we'll try

Make way for the searchlight showing pathways across moors
searching so hard but we will find only foxes and autumn leaves
Time is running out, it is cold,
our breath forms mist in the cold night air
I hear distant sounds of sirens

The leaves start to fall, laying a pathway to a faraway tree

Hold on, I can hear footsteps. I'm so scared, I don't want to be found
This means everything to me.